Maintenance rules for diesel generator sets

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Diesel generator set maintenance procedures:
Conscientiously do the daily inspection work, according to the actual situation of diesel generators and operating conditions, need the necessary maintenance. Use the specified fuel, lubricants and coolant and timely replacement; keep the diesel engine cleaning, regular inspection of three leakage and loose conditions to ensure that the diesel engine normal and reliable work to extend the service life.
1, filter:
Air filter:
After 50 hours working,use air compressor mouth blowing clean up once. For every 500 hours of operation or when the warning indictor is red, replace the filter and press the top button to reset the indicator.
oil filter:
The run-in period (50 hours or three months) must be replaced,after every 500 hours or half a year replace the oil,after change the filter need start the engine for 10 minutes.
Replace the oil filter at the same time must be replaced with lubricating oil.
L diesel filter:
The run-in period (50 hours) must be replaced after every 500 hours or half a year. Replace the filter and then turn on for 10 minutes.
coolant filter:
The first time 200 hours or three months must be replaced. After every 500 hours or a year to change once.
diesel generator set
2, Lubricants replacement:
The run-in period (50 hours or three months) must be replaced after every 500 hours or every six months. Replacement of oil when different brands, different types of oil may not be mixed use. Replacement of oil when the oil filter must be replaced.
3, the replacement of coolant:
The first use of 200 hours or three months must be replaced. After every 500 hours or a year to change once. Note that just shut down the unit, within 15 minutes can not open the tank cover. To prevent water vapor from wounding.
4, daily routine or pre-boot check items:
Check and remove the leakage, leakage, leakage of the three leakage phenomenon, wipe the surface of the generator to keep the appearance of diesel and clean environment.
⑴ keep the unit cleanliness. To prevent the accumulation of water quality, iron and debris.
⑵ check the fuel tank fuel level. To ensure that the unit's emergency power supply.
⑶ check the oil surface height, whether there is abnormal increase or decline, and identify the reasons,if not enough,pls add more in time.
⑷ check the water level of the tank.
⑸ check the battery voltage, pay attention to add distilled water.
⑹ check the protective cover of the loosening situation and the connecting parts screws, nuts fastening.
⑺ In winter should pay attention to insulation, and the water tank should be filled with enough antifreeze.
5, Diesel generator set operation test maintenance
The fuel tank must be thoroughly cleaned once a week to prevent accumulation of water, iron and impurities.
For the standby unit, start the commissioning operation once a week, check the dashboard indicator, run for 5 minutes, run for half a month with an appropriate load (30%) for 15-30 minutes.
The tightness of the tank belt is checked once a week. If it is worn, it should be replaced.
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