Diesel generator capacity selection method

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Diesel generator capacity selection method
In general civil construction the firepower of modern fires is usually to provide backup power for critical loads.  The ability of diesel generators should first meet the requirements of the stability load including the thermal load and the guaranteed load.
As a fire load usually as a power equipment fire standby power once the power supply instantly interlock to open the generator.  To meet the fire emergency power failure in general pumps passenger lifts hotel kitchen life power star room lighting load (called the guaranteed load) also need spare power supply.  If the design of the generator load only emergency lighting fire load such as to ensure that the load can not take care will lead to vacancies waste of resources.
Therefore the design of low-voltage distribution system to meet the needs of fire under the premise you can consider the power rather than a fire generator to ensure that the load power supply.  One way to do this is to ensure that the generator emergency bus part of the centralized load fire through the fire signal to confirm the load in addition to the passenger elevator main switch shunt trip.  In summary the thermal load and the guaranteed load should be calculated separately.  To determine the capacity of generating units the fire should first meet the requirements and then according to the requirements of the project owner to carry out the corresponding security load.
Diesel generator
Diesel generator set size in addition to meet the requirements of load stability but also must check the motor starting voltage drop otherwise the motor starts the terminal voltage drop should be within the specified range.
Pay attention to how to calculate the thermal load correctly.  The recommended calculation principle is only considered to be the fire compartment of the fire (like fire) which is also considered more than two fire zones the possibility of fire is very low.  In general the fire pump must be used as a fixed load and the fire elevator smoke machine and other load count how much depends on its fire service load size of the fire partition.  Determine the generator capacity should be in the most unfavorable fire compartment fire while running the fire load prevail.
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