The proper temperature ensures efficient operation of the diesel generator set

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In the use of diesel generators in the process the use of electric heating equipment preheating then open the electric heating function is most appropriate?  
Due to diesel plug in order to prevent diesel generators quickly into the working state the general outdoor temperature below 5 degrees Celsius.  Diesel generator electric heating function is most suitable for diesel generators as a backup power supply.  
Need to ensure that the city and UPS diesel generators.  Due to the reduction of diesel fuel the lower the temperature in winter wax precipitation will gradually and even lead to diesel can not flow.  When the diesel starts the wax block filter to affect the normal fuel supply this is called the diesel cold filter point.  
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0 # diesel for example the freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius the filter is 4 degrees Celsius.  When the outdoor temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius you can open the electric heating function so diesel can be the ideal state but can be put into use at any time.  Power consumption so it should be noted that this function should be open at the appropriate time.
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