When the generator load is too low, the exhaust pipe can sometimes drop oil

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When the generator is low load why is the exhaust pipe sometimes dripping
Because there are more engines in the form of pressure seals such as cylinder liner piston piston ring supercharger supercharger rotor shaft this seal in the engine about one-third of the load to play a full role  There may be a slight leak in the load hour.  So the foreign engine manufacturers will generally emphasize the manual.
If the unit operating under a small load continues as a run time the following faults may occur 1. The piston-cylinder liner is badly sealed the oil is raised burned into the combustion chamber and blue smoke is discharged.  2. For turbocharged diesel engines low pressure and low pressure due to low load and no load.  Easy to cause the supercharger oil seal (non-contact) sealing effect decreased the oil into the pump room with the inlet into the cylinder.  3. Gasoline part of the combustion part of the oil can not be completely burned in the valve entrance piston piston ring at the top the formation of carbon deposits part of the exhaust.  In this way the cylinder cylinder exhaust channel will gradually accumulate can also form a carbon deposition.  Turbocharger turbine chamber oil accumulation to a certain extent from the supercharger surface combination of exudation.  5. Small load operation for a long time will lead to more serious wear and tear of the moving parts internal combustion engine during the environmental degradation and other early consequences.
Therefore foreign diesel engine manufacturers whether naturally aspirated or boostable low load operation should use low load / stress the minimum load shall not be less than 25% -30% of the rated power unit.
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