Remove the diesel generators

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Remove the diesel generators
A generating set when its running speed at 1500 RPM, a metres from the unit will produce 105 decibels of noise, to avoid the noise coming from machine room, sound engineering should include the following several parts.
1, the computer room to the sound attenuation of:
Every room have more than one entry, at least from the perspective of the sound room doors should not set too much, usually set a door, a door, as far as possible, not more than 3 square meters, the structures in the framework of metal, internal attached high intensity sound insulation material, external for the metal plate, mute door work closely with up and down walls and doors.
2, diesel engine intake system of sound:
Diesel engine work, must have enough air intake to maintain normal operation, the general air intake system should be set in the outlet fan unit is opposite, on the basis of our experience, into the style with forced ventilation way, into the wind after a quieter blower wind trough to be pumped in engine rooms.
3, deadened the noise of diesel engine exhaust system:
Diesel engine using water tank cooling fan system cubits, and the water tank must be heat him mad discharge outside the room, to avoid the noise coming from outside the room, deadened the noise of exhaust system must be set exhaust wind trough.
4, outside room deadened the noise of diesel engine exhaust system:
Deadened the noise of diesel engine exhaust through the exhaust air tank to denoising the back out of the room, still have higher noise and exhaust must pass through the room set up outside the silencing grooves with the wind, so keep noise to a minimum, deadened the noise of the wind channel external to the brick structure, internal is sound-absorbing board.
5, diesel engine exhaust noise elimination system:
Exhaust emissions from diesel engine work, produce certain noise, we in the emissions system to establish a sound box, at the same time for exhaust silencer pipe adopt fire rock wool materials shall be binding, both within the unit can reduce the heat to the room, and can reduce the work of the unit vibration, so as to achieve the purpose of the attenuation of noise.
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